Toxic parents …. Breaking the cycle.

Growing up my parents were divorced. I always remember my mom telling me I was a bad child. And that she needed to find me a father figure. WTF?!?! What does that actually mean? She would  constantly start arguments with me. Or get jealous of me if I achieved something's school or work. I … Continue reading Toxic parents …. Breaking the cycle.



It seems like I can't get you out of my head. We haven't been together in over three months. And it seems like it was yesterday you broke up with me. You had some type of magic over me. You knew what to say or what to do. You knew how to push all of … Continue reading Yesterday

Something about white chocolate.

Ok maybe it's me. Or my mind. So I work at a coffee shop, where an attractive guy comes in and always buys a iced white mocha. White mocha to me is very boring. But my sexual mind is now working and thinking. Maybe it's all the sleep I've had. Or something. But we are … Continue reading Something about white chocolate.